Collectors Cabinets

 Pen Storage Case image1
Pen Storage Case
Fountain Pen Carrying Case capable of carrying or storing in excess of 1000 pens.
 Pen Storage Case image2
Price £ 249.00
 Duofold Lucky Curve Cabinet image1
Duofold Lucky Curve Cabinet
Measures 22inches wide by 16 high by 11 deep.
Slight crack to front glass, see picture.
 Duofold Lucky Curve Cabinet image2
Price £ 275.00
 Mordan Early Copier image1
Mordan Early Copier
Measures 15 wide by 11 high by 14 deep.
Price £ 400.00
 Cigar Storage Cabinet image1
Cigar Storage Cabinet
Cedar Wood

Measures 18 inches wide by 23 inches high ny 10 inches deep.
 Cigar Storage Cabinet image2
Price £ 199.00
 Harrods Collectors Cabinet image1
Harrods Collectors Cabinet
7 Drawer, stained pine.
Measures 17.5 inches wide by 22 high by 10 deep.
 Harrods Collectors Cabinet image2
Price £ 400.00
1 Parker 51 Fountain Pen Display Cabinet image1
Parker 51 Fountain Pen Display Cabinet
Wounderful cream 1950s display item in superb condition.
20inches wide by 13 inches high by 12 inches deep
Price £ 500.00

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