Desk Sets & Inkwells

 Onyx Pen Rest & Brass Inkwell image1
Onyx Pen Rest & Brass Inkwell
Tilt top brass inwell on a green onyx pen rest and stand with leather base material. Measures 7 inches accross by 3.5inches deep by 1.5 inches high. Only minor marks from age, no dings to brass inkwell.
Price £ 29.00
 Deco Double Inkstand image1
Deco Double Inkstand
An unusual and rather attractive double Art Deco Desk Inkwell in faux tortoiseshell with silver plated surround. Two glass liners. Measures 9inches by 5.5inches deep by 2.5inches high. Plating wear to the surround, no cracks or scratches.
Price £ 75.00
5 Onoto Travel Ink Bottle image1
Onoto Travel Ink Bottle
Lovely bakealite coloured case, with yellow flecks and a touch of grey. Superb condition, no internal bottle.
Price £ 29.00
1 Double Duofold Desk Set image1
Double Duofold Desk Set
A double Duofold 1930's desk set holder suitable for Junior or Special size pens, Parker label to rear. Has a pen holder to the front and an insert for small desk items. In very good condition with just light nocks from age.
Height - 7.5c mms Width - 17cm mms Depth - 10.5 mms
Price £ 49.00
1 Duofold Double Desk Set image1
Duofold Double Desk Set
A large Parker Duofold Senior size two pen display desk set in Black Marble circa 1930's. Parker label to the rear. Original green baize base. Measures 10 inches by 7 inches deep. 1/2 inch diameter to the tulips.
Price £ 75.00
14 Pewter Ship Inkwell Huge image1
Pewter Ship Inkwell Huge
An amazing Ships Inkwell in Pewter. Diameter of base measures 8.75 inches and height is 3 inches.
No dings or inscriptions. Rare item in this size and condition. Parker pen for size illustration only, not included in the sale.
14 Pewter Ship Inkwell Huge image2
Price £ 75.00

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